Our Story


 I couldn’t tell you why I started Woodworks. I’ve always been interested in sewing and creating things by hand. I connected that with my last name which is Wood, and thats how I came up with Woodworks. If I really look back and think about it, you could say I started it because I didn’t have anything. At the time, I was un-employed and a “high school drop out,” from society’s viewpoint. I was never really motivated when it came down to my academics. I always wanted something that was different, something that would stand for more then just going by the books. I made a logo using my iPhone and then went to the mall and had sheets of stickers printed. Eventually, I ended up getting shirts made as well, which led to my desire to get brand recognition. I began giving stickers and shirts to friends and putting them in popular places so that they would get noticed. I really wasn't sure what direction this would take me.


With the growth of social media. I was able to use Instagram to help spread the logo worldwide. I sent stickers out to people for free, and didn’t mind spending the money to send them, because I enjoyed seeing where the packs would travel to. Most of them would go to places I have only dreamed of going. People really started liking the stickers and eventually friends of friends started wanting them.  As the company started growing, people started looking for answers. What is Woodworks? What does it mean? Till this day I couldn’t give you the best answer that would fit it.  I have heard a range of things from clothing company to lifestyle brand, but to me it’s so much more. I didn’t have the funds to mass-produce any of my designs or apparel, so I continued making stickers. 


 I ended up investing in my own vinyl plotter, silkscreen and sewing machine to make everything in house. I turned my 3-bedroom condo into an office building with a bed. I was willing to do anything to stay a float with my Dream. My wife, who was my best friend at the time, saw me struggling, and she and her little brother helped me without ever wanting anything in return. Eventually, we managed to get things up and running. This time it was in a different light. Followers of Woodworks also saw the struggle and were telling us not to give up. I began hearing things like how Woodworks was the reason some started their own companies or how it motivated them to hold on to their dreams. Woodworks really started to become a movement. The logo became a symbol for those who were in a similar position as us. This allowed me to see the potential of what my ambitions could really do and enabled me to truly believe in myself.


I never thought we could motivate others to follow their dreams. Making Woodworks a company became more obsolete over time. Our focus on motivating anyone with a dream, and to strive for something they are passionate about became the main objective. Which led us to the main message behind our company; No matter what your goals may be, or how hard they may seem, anything is possible as long as you... 

Dream, Plan and Conquer.